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Victoria Seeds Limited is a full line seed company that became operational in 2004 for the purpose of delivering quality seed to "small holder" farmers who produce over 90% of agricultural output in Uganda. Our company has grown into a dependable seed house exporting to the regional market and is engaged in seed research, production, processing and marketing. Although our core business is to provide quality vegetable and cereal seed with related inputs our company offers a range of seed varieties for legume crops, oil crops and forage for livestock farmers. Our efforts to reverse the decline in agricultural productivity in Uganda and other countries of the region have been widely acknowledged.
Staff of Victoria Seeds Limited The Management
Josephine Okot, the Managing Director, has extensive experience in addressing the challenges of emerging seed markets. Supported by a team of professionals, they have put in place the Seed company. Josephine Okot was proclaimed the leading woman entrepreneur in 2006 by Business in Africa Magazine, Josephine Okot has ably demonstrated how to develop new markets and in 2008 was chosen amongst the 100 distinguished individuals to be Uganda’s Torchbearer for the Millennium Development Goal 3 on gender equality and empowerment of women. She was awarded the 2007 YARA Prize for a green revolution in Africa for her entrepreneurial excellence and ability to work at many levels, from on-the-ground initiatives to strategy and policy. The YARA Board considered Josephine Okot to be an outstanding example of a new generation of African entrepreneurs who are willing to take risks, take the lead and break new ground within African agriculture and food security.