Pearl Millet ICMV 221 (OPV)

The Best of the Best

Cereal Seed ICMV 221 (OPV)

Planting Guide

Spacing: 10 cm x30 cm
Seed rate: 4 kg/acre

Maturity: 75-90 days
Yield potential: 3,750 – 5,000 kg/ha

Key attributes

 Tolerant to various soil conditions including light and acid soils.
 Grows best on clay-loam and sandy loam soils freely drained.
 Tolerant to drought and low nitrogen levels.
 Highly nutritious (high levels of nitrogen, amino acids, calcium, iron and methionine).
 Intended to boost the diet of diabetics and people with HIV/AIDS.
 Good for children’s porridge.
 Can be used as millet bread, porridge and for alcohol (brewing).
 Has very good tolerance to finger millet rust disease.
 Grows well under low and medium altitude areas (1000—1600m above sea level).