Centro (Centrosema Pubescens)

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Centrosema Pubescens

 A climbing perennial legume, highly palatable that grows to a height of 40-45 cm within 4-8 months.
 It has hairy trifoliate leaves with linear, long, flat and thick pods that contain about 20 seeds which are dark brown when mature and are between 7.5-15 cm long.
 This grass species is fairly tolerant to drought and flooding and it will grow well when planted with either Panicum maximum or Hyparrhenia rufa or Chloris gayana or Pennisetum purpureum.

Maturity: 90-120 days from sowing
seed rate: 2.4 Kgs per acre


 It prefers wet tropics that receive an average rain fall of about 1750mm/year.
 It grows well in sandy loamy soils but will also grow in clay soils as long as phosphate fertilizers are added before planting.
 Establishes well in rough prepared seedbeds and planting can be by drilling or broadcast.
 Should be immersed in boiling water off fire for 15 minutes; cold water added and soaked for overnight also treating the seeds with concentrated sulphuric acid for 15 minutes will enable seed germination.