Okra Pusa Sawani

The Best of the Best

Vegetable Seed Pusa Sawani

Planting Guide

Spacing: 25cm x 60 cm(1seed per hole) or 60 cm x 90 cm(2 seeds per hole)
Seed rate: 3,000 grams per acre direct seeding or 1600 grams per acre transplant

Maturity: 60 days
Yield potential: 5,000 kg/acre

Key attributes

 Variety is suitable for all seasons.
 The pods lack spine (hairs).
 Variety is good for export.
 Fairly tolerant to yellow vein mosaic disease.
 Pods are long, five ribbed, smooth, dark green and slender.
 Pods remain tender even after growing to a large size.
 Highly productive (prolific bearer).