Maize YARA 41 (Hybrid)

The Best of the Best

Cereal Seed YARA 41 (Hybrid)

Planting Guide

Spacing: 30cm x 75cm (1 seed/hole); 75 x 60 cm (2 seeds/hole)
Seed rate: 10 kg/acre

Maturity: 107-117 days
Yield potential: 7,000 kg/ha

Key attributes

 Early maturing hybrid.
 High resistant to maize streak virus.
 Moderately resistant to grey leaf spot and turcicum leaf blight diseases.
 White, flint and heavy seeds that are excellent for milling.
 Good pollen to silk synchronization that reduces crop failure when drought occurs.
 Suitable for all areas from 1000 to 1800 meters above sea level (medium to high altitude)