Maize Victoria 1 (Hybrid)

The Best of the Best

Cereal Seed Victoria 1 (Hybrid)

Planting Guide

Spacing: 30cm x 75cm (1 seed/hole); 75 x 60 cm (2 seeds/hole)
Seed rate: 10 kg/acre

Maturity: 110-120 days
Yield potential: 9,000 kg/ha

Key attributes

 Moderately tolerant to drought.
 Resistant to lodging.
 One big cob,sweet flint kernels, good for roasting.
 Makes tasty flour for Posho.
 Good pollen to silk synchronization that reduces crop failure when drought occurs.
 Tolerant to common foliar diseases such as Maize streak virus, Angular leaf spot, Northern leaf blight, Gray leaf spot and Rust diseases.
 Recommended for low land to mid altitude areas.