Herbicide Glyphosate

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Herbicide Glyphosate

Glyphosate (non-selective)

Systemic, non-selective post emergency foliar herbicide.

It can be used:

a) To control annual weeds (like black jack, Digitaria spp during early stages) and perennial weeds ((cyperus rotundas, star grass-cynadon dactylon, and kikuyu grass).
b) To remove weeds in established crops like coffee tea, oil palm, cocoa, coconut, rubber and orchards. (Avoid leaf and branch contact).
c) In minimum tillage systems.

It has different trade names like Victoria Sate (Non-selective), Mamba 360, Weed up, Round up, Round all, Weed master, Weeder and Rodeo.

Rate of application: 1.2 l per acre (300ml in 20 litres of water).